Rely on History!

As racquet technicians, we are bombarded with “new product” information! Especially when it comes to racquet string!


So what do you and we need to know when making a string decision?

History, that’s what.  The image shows just some historical data points.

We can look at data for any string and client to determine the history of that combination.  If the history is a good one, we can make an excellent decision based on it.  And, of course, the converse is true.

When a client comes in for the first time, it is imperative to have a real discussion about the needs of the player.  In some cases, the “need” is far different than the “want”.  I found that most clients will listen to what we have to say and we can say it with some conviction because we have the “history” to confirm our conviction(s).

So, know your history!

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