Taking a Beating!

If you are watching any of the US Open you are hearing and seeing, several players unable to play to their potential due to injury! These players are taking a beating, but do they have to?

One of the advantages of being old is that I have experienced the transition from wood to hi-tech composites. Trust me; I think the newer construction is far superior to the first racquet I made that weighed in at a hefty 13 ounces! It was, by the way, not nearly as stiff as the current racquet choices.

So, light weight, relatively speaking, stiff frames and much stiffer strings add up to a potentially dangerous combination. Add to that the overwhelming desire to hit maximum topspin and potential becomes actuality!

Players at all levels are taking a beating! Try not to be one of them, please. Get the racquet and string combination that enhances your play, not stop your play!

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