Head Graphene XT Prestige Series

All of the new Head Graphene XT Prestige models have arrived!  I have been working with these models for several weeks and now it is your turn to take a look, and, demo these performance racquets from Head.

Following is a review of the Head Graphene XT Prestige S to give you an idea of how I do reviews.  I have data on all the Prestige models and will try to post them soon, but the real review is the one you do!  So do it!

As you know the reviews here are based on “numbers”, not necessarily on hitters feed-back. The reason for this is to “simply” remove the subjectivity of player preferences to models, colors, grip shape, etc.  These data are important when fitting a player to a specific racquet but is not beneficial when comparing racquet specifications without regards to player input.

Graphene XT is the next generation of this very light, strong material making it more effective at moving the weight from the middle of the racquet.  This means, of course, by retaining the overall weight it will be located closer to the the butt and tip of the racquet.
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If you are looking for THE Prestige the MP is the one!  The Prestige MP represents the racquet in it’s original form, almost!  The same beam the same weight, same grip shape, same string pattern (18×20), etc.

Head Graphene XT Prestige Series

Head Graphene XT Prestige Series

What may be a little confusing, unless you have all the models stacked up like the picture, is the designation graphics which looks very much like “M7” instead of “MP”.  However, once you pick it up there is no confusion!  This is a performance racquet of the first order.


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