A Visual Cue!

The majority of string jobs are “rated” by performance!  Performance has many components that are not visible.  Tension setting, reducing friction, proper weaving, and so on.

There is however visible indicators of a “poor” string job and you are about to see two of them on the same racquet…

Poor Knot

Poor Knot

Not Knot!

Not Knot!

If you see a freshly strung racquet that looks like this you should ask to have it re-strung!  That sounds severe but it is your money that is being spent so get what you want.

The knot you see probably will not…will not fail but the appearance indicates the stringer was doing less than a professional job.  That is what you are paying for.  Or maybe not!  Maybe you are getting the stringing included in the price…or as they say “free stringing”!

If you see a bad knot it is likely there are other poor practices throughout the string job.

Is it true that “you get what you pay for”?

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