Octave String Natural Gut II

This is a quick follow-up to the original post about this natural gut string.  The racquet was used by several players, all of whom are big hitters, so it took longer than I had expected.  The total hitting time was around five (5) hours  That seems low but it took a beating during those five (5) hours.  I am sure the racquet spent a lot of time in the bag before it was returned to me.

Typical Wear Pattern

Typical Wear Pattern

When the racquet was returned to me the string had broken.

In case you don’t remember this string is produced using sheep serosa not beef as is typical for high end natural gut string.  The first observation is that the finished string is not as “clean” and following that is the string is not as strong as it’s beef counterpart.

The most common comment about this string was the “softness”, and gut like feel.  Both if these are good, of course if you are looking for softness.  Which leads me to believe this string would make a pretty good cross string for those using polyester based main string.  I prefer natural gut for the main string but I am not sure this string is strong enough for that format.



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