The first week of 2014!

Gee whiz! If the rest of 2014 is like this first week it is going to be a really great, and busy, year!

There is nothing like starting a new year with many long term items on the business agenda. Not only has the stringing and customization business been great I have been designing a new “division” of this web site.

I am adding a “Museum” section that will be a display and brief description of many tennis racquets that have, or should have, historically significant positions. Many of these racquets are players racquets and the specifications may surprise you.

I hope to have this section open soon!

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  1. Mr. Gugel is an expert stringer. I have had a very good experience not only from a customer perspective, but a well strung racquet that I firmly believe will be met with strong positive feedback for my members

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