String Life…again!

I keep talking about string life but have yet to really quantify it to my satisfaction.  To some it is when the string is broken and to others, including professional players, it is about 1.5 hours!  Between the two extremes there lies a vast unknown!

So, lets have some fun!  Take a look at the image and tell me how many hours this string hit balls before it broke.  I will give you a clue, or two…this is a 98 square inch racquet with a 18×20 string pattern used by a very good junior player hitting with topspin.  The string is Acelon Wildfire both main and cross.  The construction is multifilament as you can see by the small strands at the break area.  The string is not polyester based!   I asked the player to keep track of the number of hours.


Keep in mind that this type of player hits an amazing number of balls during a training session, far more than during a match, typically.

Now for the answer!  This string, according to the player, has thirty (30) hours of hitting!  Thirty hours!  That is, frankly, far more than I would expect.

What is the point of this?  The point is that a junior player, in most cases, does not need a polyester based string for durability, longevity, or spin.  I do not hate polyester based strings but I do hate seeing players of any age and ability using a string that they do not need, can not use to the benefit of their game, and are experiencing arm or other physical issues.

So, the bottom line is:  do not pass up a string, that may suit the player, just because it is not marketed as a “Maximum Top Spin” string or a string that will last for decades!

Thirty hours!  Amazing!



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