The 11:00 O’Clock Curfew

What are your thoughts on the Wimbledon 11:00 o’clock curfew, and what if any influence it had on the players strategy?

The fourth set was a quick 28 minutes. I am sure neither player wanted to continue this match on Monday. Given the score, at the stroke of 11:00, it must have been clear to both players “this can be over quickly!”

What do you think?

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  1. Hello John G,
    I would hope that it wasn’t a surprise to either player. I would hope the powers that be, looked ahead to the possible scenarios, and let them know their decision at the closing of the roof break.
    If that was not the case, I think, depending on the final outcome either player could have a serious argument as to how it effect them mentally.
    Bottom line, Let them play until they are done…….
    I’ve seen Wold Series Games US past 2:00 am EST early Sunday morning
    I hope all is well with you, that’s my 2 cents

    • Hi, Stephen, and thanks for the response! It seems the Wimbledon folks promised the local residents that play would not continue after 11:00PM. You know how rowdy tennis fans can be! You don’t want them in your neighborhood after 11:00PM for sure!
      All is well here. How about you?

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