A Bad Day?

I suppose we all have a bad day once in a while but Rafael Nadal have an especially bad day yesterday! This should not take anything away from Rosol and he walked off the court a winner.

A winner in more ways than one, I think! It must remind all of us that when we give our best effort and never, never, ever give up we can become winners. I know Rosol must be feeling pretty good right now and he “hopes” he can play another match like that. But how about the others in that side of the draw!

I bet everyone of them is breathing a little easier, however, they all know there be another Rosol waiting for them.

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  1. Mike Newbound

    You know we can all have a bad day at the office even when stringing racquets!
    Last night Nadal’s result must have been playing on the minds of Federer and the Joker as they both struggled to get it all to happen.
    Del Potro for me as the winner

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