The Heat is On!

Even if the heat isn’t on yet in your area it is still important to consider your racquet strings and what can happen to them in the heat.

We know that most string is “plastic” and will naturally loose tension over time, however, if we consider that “plastic” string is made up of “molecules” we can understand why high temperatures can contribute to tension loss.

As temperatures increase the molecules are able to move more freely. Think of it as one of your muscles. That muscle will stretch “easier” at higher temperatures than at “frigid” temperatures.  Or at least mine do.

So, do not leave your racquet in the car for any length of time. Don’t leave your racquet laying on a table in the sun for any length of time and generally try to keep it from extreme heat. I believe a “thermal” bag can help but please handle your racquet with consideration during the “hot” season.

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