Do You Have a SOP?

Do you have a Standard Operating Procedure for your stringing operation?  I know everyone develops their own stringing technique but what about getting ready for the stringing?

I have developed a certain procedure I use almost all of the time and it goes something like this:

Most of my clients have multiple racquets done at the same time.  Typically the string will be the same but the tensions may vary depending upon where they are going.

Lets say they have six (6) racquets to be strung.  All polyester/gut hybrids.  Three (3) are at one tension set and three (3) are at a different set.  The first thing I do is enter the work into the RacquetRecord™ software so I don’t forget what I am supposed to be doing.  When they are in RR they reside in the “Waiting” section so when I get to that racquet I simply “activate” it and get going.

Once a racquet is on the machine I pre-stretch enough main string material for two (2) racquets.  I find it more effective to pull a longer length than a shorter length, such as  enough string for one (1) racquet.  Then I pre-stretch enough cross string for two (2) racquets.  I cut the main string into two (2) pieces but leave the cross string as one (1) piece.  The string not being used is placed in a special holding area so there is no possibility of it getting lost or trampled on. You may think about “prepping” all the string needed for the total of six (6) racquets but I wouldn’t be so quick to do that.  The client may change something and/or the string is going to be difficult to store safely.

An advantage of having the cross string already pre-stretched is that I can move quickly from the finished main string to the starting of the cross string.  Speed is not a major factor to me but keeping the “flow” is important.  How many of you like to be interrupted while stringing?  So you know the “flow” is a good thing.

When installing the string is completed and the racquet is off the machine I take an ERT reading first instead of using the RDC which deflects the string and may influence the ERT reading.  All the data is collected for this racquet prior to moving on to the next racquet.  It is easier for me to completely “finish” a stringing than waiting till they are all done to enter data and print labels.

I would be interested in hearing about your SOP.

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