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I like Brad Gilbert.  So what!

What is your reaction to his comment tonight that Donald Young was playing better recently and a reason is his switch from a Head racquet to a Prince racquet therefore hitting with more spin.

That is a pretty broad statement and can be a little confusing to our clients. I don’t know about you but I have seen a lot of very good players generating a lot of spin, and, believe it or not they were hitting with Head racquets.

I know they don’t have much time to go into detail from the “booth” but perhaps saying which model, string pattern, string, tension, etc., also changed would have been helpful.

A lot of tennis players believe what these guys say and it makes it a little difficult to convince our clients that there may be other factors involved, not just the racquet brand.

I deal with every racquet brand so I don’t have a dog in this hunt, so to speak, but I am curious about your reaction.

What do you think?

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  1. perhaps he’s playing with more confidence? or maybe it was really the racket? we wouldnt really understand since were not him… a lot of factors can be added in, but one thing we are certain is that he’s playing better and hopefully that translates next year.

    • I think confidence and racquet go “hand in hand” so to speak. If you think your racquet is “off” you are not going to be very confident that your stroke is going to deliver the desired result. Even at my level (low) I feel better (more confident) with one racquet over another.

      Maybe he can respond to this post so we will know for sure. Lets see what he does next year.

  2. Being a tennis coach I always thought that spin came from a low to high swing, racquet head speed to name a few things.
    Agreed with the writer there are so many other things involved not just one thing

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