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Clamp Riser…your friend!

We are re-introducing our Clamp Riser!

Clamp Riser Set


The Clamp Riser eliminates the need to pull two main strings to start a string job!  There is really no need to use that procedure.

Without going into a lengthy reason for that, suffice it to say the Clamp Riser will be your friend!

Any stringing machine with long, rotating string clamps is too low to capture the string properly for the first tension pull.  The Clamp Riser fits under the clamp and…raises it!

The clamp will now hold the string securely at the proper height for the first pull, one string at a time!

Clamp Riser Babolat



The Babolat Racket Station can use the 20mm height riser side, as seen here, and many other machines can probably use that height as well.

Clamp Riser Baiardo

We have found that Baiardo prefers the 30mm height, as seen here.  The riser height must be enough to allow the clamp base to “lock”.


The Clamp Riser is sold as a set of two (2) to justify the shipping cost!  $17.99 per set.

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Charges for shipping outside the US will be added to the total cost minus the US shipping charge.