What If?

What if you change string tension (reference) from 57 to 47?

Well, let’s see!

We have a big spreadsheet showing the cause and effect, but it is too confusing, so this will be a narrative post.

The client wanted to go down to 47 from 57 using the same string and, of course, in the same racquet. Here is what happens:

First, the previous data (57) was explored, and the RDC string bed stiffness was 59 when fresh.

The same racquet at 47 had an RDC string bed stiffness of 45 when fresh. That is a 23.7% decrease in string bed stiffness…fresh v fresh.

However, at the time of this stringing, due to tension loss, the 57 tension setting RDC string bed stiffness was 45, so let’s see how the 47 compares to the “used” string bed stiffness.

The RDC string bed stiffness (fresh) of the 47 is 45! So right now, both racquets have essentially the same string bed stiffness.

This will change, of course; however, if the point is to achieve a “softer” string bed right now, it would require a tension setting of less than 47!


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