Failure by Fruit!

Tennis strings fail for several reasons… but fruit!

I have been doing tennis racquet work for many years. However, this is a first for me!

Failure by Fruit!

Failure by Fruit

So what actually happened here?  This player carries everything she needs to compete at tournaments, including fruit.  In this case, it was bananas!

Well, bananas don’t last long, and these decided to go and take some very good sting with them!

The racquets were placed in the bag and remained there while the bananas did what bananas do…go bad!

Apparently, where the bananas contacted the string, the chemicals in the decomposing banana were enough to eat the string in not one but two racquets!

So, if you are considering sharing your bag with bananas, be sure they are separated from the racquets!

We are preparing to work on these racquets, and I can say they do smell good!

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  1. Or you could always use a BananaSaver! I’ve used mine for years in my tennis bag and it works great. I have no connection with anyone who makes or sells this, I’m just a satisfied customer.

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