SBS Update

We have gone through our string bed stiffness device (SBS) and are nearly settled on the final design! We have been using this device for several months, and we are very excited!

As discussed before, Racquet Quest, LLC believes string bed stiffness is the most efficient and accurate way to communicate how we want our racquet to feel…not reference tension!

We are on this mission for that reason!

There have been, and still are, several devices that are used for that, but what is needed is a player, coach, technician, and supplier consortium to make it happen!

The device will be 100% mechanical, light and fit in a tennis bag, easy and fun to use, and accurate! That is a lot to ask from a single device, but I think we have achieved it!

Oh, yes, it must be financially acceptable to every tennis player, which it will be!
The first pre-production units may be available for testing before general release.

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