Tecnifibre T-Flash 285

As I was working on this racquet I am thinking about the category in which this will be placed by me, and others probably, and I need to put it in the “game improvement” category!

Typically “game improvement” racquets are very large, ultra light, head heavy, and stiff!  The T-Flash falls into this category because it is stiff!  None of the other characteristics apply!

This racquet has a stiffness of RDC 70!  This compares to the Wilson Ultra, and the Babolat Pure Drive, except it is not as heavy as either of those racquets.

To me the weight is an issue that can be remedied, and the very open string pattern mitigates the stiffness and keeps the effective stiffness below 30.

If you are considering a “power” oriented racquet this one should be on the list!

Adding Ashaway MonoGut ZX string to the mix assures the player of comfortable hitting!

Take a look at the specifications… then hit with it!

Racquet ModelTecnifibre T-Flash 285
Reference Tension55 lbs - 24.9 kg
Ashaway MonoGut ZX
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
ASPS, FlexFour68
Racquet Flex, RDC70 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour56
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness413.8 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams315
Weight, Ounces11.11

Balance, mm336
Balance, Inch13.23
Length, Cm68.5
Length, Inch26.968
Head Width9.57
Head Length12.92
Head Area, cm2626.4
Head Area, Sq. Inch97.1
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.624
Main String Grid7.75
Cross String Grid10.31
Density (% of head filled with string).823
Average Cross String Space.543
Average Main String Space.484
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT35
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in195.7
First Moment, Nm.822
Polar Moment330
Torsional Stability14
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2316
Swing Weight, Ounces11.15
Swing Weight Calculated355
Power, RDC56
Control, RDC45
Manueverability, RDC76
Power, Calculated 2147.6
Head Points2.05 (negative = head heavy)
Head Weight, %49.1%
Center of Percussion20.7
Dwell Time, ms8.91
Efective Stiffness - lbs29.5
K, Lb/In163.4
Recoil Weight142.9
Twist Weight216.4
End Weight 113.0
Tip Weight 197.1
9 O'Clock95.7
3 O'Clock99.1
Butt Cap115.2

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