Dr. Zarda Granted Patent!

Congratulations to Rich Zarda, Ph.D., for being granted a patent on a new and unique tennis racquet!

Dr. Zarda and The ZSCS Prototype

Rich is a master of simulation and FEM, so the racquet is based on solid science which is confirmed by on court and laboratory data. The premise is a racquet that can be “tuned” to allow the ball and string to move as one and return “spin” energy to the ball. This eliminates the need to hit so hard each time and can contribute to less pain and injury.

This was no easy journey, however, and assistance was required and received from Ron and his incredible team of “doers”!

This first discussion was in May 2013! After that came many iterations of testing equipment, high-speed photography, (and projectiles), and on-court testing!

Congratulations to Rich and Brett on this accomplishment that required immense persistence!  I am glad I was able to help in the effort!

By the way, yours will come without the “tie wraps”!

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