WPRC Member Guest 2018

Jack Anthrop teamed with Chris Granville to play in the 2018 version of the Winter Park Racquet Club Member-Guest Tournament this weekend. This highly anticipated event brings most of the best tennis players from around the area, and beyond, to compete for beer as nearly as I can tell.

Jack, at age 14, does not drink beer so he is playing for the experience and fun of competition as if he doesn’t get enough during the week at the USTA Center in Orlando, daily training, and other tournaments around the country.

“Quiet in the Stands” does not apply for this family-friendly event managed by Rich, Robert, Nancy and the entire WPRC Staff.  Well Done!

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  1. Some have asked what string these players are using.

    Chris Granville is using Volkl V-Star 17 which is a polyester blend in Orange!

    Jack Anthrop is using, and has used for many years, Ashaway Monogut ZX a PEEK material string in Black!

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