Blade 98 CV…Try It!

The big deal in racquet technologies right now is material advances. The Wilson Blade 98 with Countervail is a great example of this.

Countervail is an actual material that is incorporated to reduce fatigue. The material has been used in many non-racquet applications and has proven to be an advantage regarding fatigue recovery.

This model, the standard 16×19 string pattern, weighs in at 322 grams (11.35 oz) and a swing weight of 320 kg/cm2 so it will be best suited to a strong, aggressive, all court player.  The low swing weight makes this racquet suitable for a good transition from “recreational” to “tournament” status.

Wilson Blade 98 CV

Wilson Blade 98 CV

These are in stock now so come in for a comprehensive review of where you are, tennis-wise, and where you want to be.  We can help you get there!

Racquet Quest, LLC offers racquets as a means to get you the very best end result.  A very nice racquet with a less than “nice” stringing can be not so nice.  Your racquet purchase is a “total” package.  That is why we do it!

Of course, price is always a consideration so check with us.

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