Luxilon Natural Gut String

Luxilon Industries, N.V was well represented at the recent IART Symposium in Chicago and one of the most exciting news points was the introduction of Luxilon Natural Gut!


We all know Luxilon has a great reputation in materials and this offering will be the same, I think.

The string is made in Belgium using raw materials (beef serosa) that are organically sourced.

The coating, or binder, is unique in that is reduces “ghosting” to a minimum and offers a very nice surface to work with.  The length is exactly 40 feet (12.2m) plus there is a mark (green dot) at the half way length so it is easy to cut properly when using it for a hybrid setup.

The gauge is consistent throughout the entire length which is indicative of proper finishing.

Power potential for this string is 8.76 which is clearly in the range of most other natural gut strings.

Check back for more information as the evaluation goes forward!


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