This opportunity is knocking and nearly knocking the door down! This is very rare indeed much like Spinel!

For several years, I have evaluated string for manufacturers and most times these strings get to market.

This case is different in that the manufacturer has designed a product so advanced, materially and structurally, that it is too expensive to bring to market!

So, Racquet Quest, LLC bought all the remaining sets and named it Spinel + Torch! Thank you, Madelyn!



The string Spinel+Torch is a multi-filament, non-polyester, seventeen (17) gauge (1.27mm) with the marvelous power potential of 11.04! In case you don’t remember the power potential is directly related to elongation.

Elongation is how much the string stretches under a particular load. Higher elongation is body friendly.

The dark burgundy color is as unique as the string.



This string lends itself to a broad range of tensions and player styles with the heavy emphasis on precision!

This string is just at home in an 18×20 as in an 18×16 pattern, however, the multi-filament construction, as good as it is, is probably not suited to 16×15 patterns if durability is the primary concern when choosing a string.

Photo on 2-27-16 at 2.50 PM

If playability is your desire, this will work in any racquet!

So here is the opportunity:

Your racquet strung with Spinel +Torch for $45.00 total!



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