Let Us Hear Your Story

I think we can learn a lot by hearing what other tennis players experience with various racquets and string setups.

I am going to start with this one from a client from New York state:

“Just got back from two hours of singles and doubles, and for the second straight week I play extremely well with the VCore 93. The increased weight has made a world of difference in all facets of my game. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help and your telling me not to give up on the frame. I took the Speed Pro out of my bag and the head size looked enormous after playing with the Yonex.”

Send me your story…it may help a tennis player!

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  1. Just started using a full set of Monogut zyex and it has saved my shoulder and arm! I haven’t been able to workout as much recently, and I usually play with a full set of rpm blast. The tension has held steady for longer than the rpm blast, and I’ve had no shoulder wrist or elbow pain while playing!

    Strings still haven’t broken and it’s been 2 months…
    Thanks for the recommendation in your blog!

    -Scott 5.0 level

    • Scott, thanks for the message! I am glad your arm is doing better. I am constantly amazed at how long this string lasts for most players!


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