LaserFibre is Back!

Many of you may remember the string brand “LaserFibre” and, because it was very nice string,may have used it. However, the old LaserFibre ceased to exist several years ago, until now!

The new LaserFibre is headed up by guys (whoops, persons) that have years of experience in tennis string and string technology so this is the real thing!

The new LaserFibre is back and with it bringing, wisely I think, Two (2) new technical string offerings:

LaserFibre 1200-a multi-filament, cleverly incorporating 1200 fibers bonded with a good dose of polyurethane, and

LaserFibre Vorso-a polyester based monofilament with a very unusual shape!  This shape is called the “petal” shape because it mimics the shape of a flower petal when sliced through the cross section.

I have been testing the Vorso for several months, and while I am not a pusher of polyester, this string has performed very well in terms of durability and “ease” on the arm.  This string returns a Power Potential of 9.8! which is very high for a polyester.   In case you don’t know, Power Potential is a function elongation and the higher the elongation the greater the comfort, among other things.

By the time you read this the new LaserFibre string should be available and I urge you to give it a try.

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