Unintended Consequences?

I love technology and I applaud those that bring it to the tennis players we serve.

However, are there unintended consequences associated with some technologies? I say yes, there probably is.

A case in point is the adaptation of the “sensor” technology by Babolat, Sony, Zepp, and soon to be others, that we need to consider, and discuss with our clients, in my opinion.

Here is my thinking. If a player is using the “sensor” and sees that he is not getting the “spin” that Rafa is getting, the tendency, I think, will be to swing harder and maybe even change grip position.   This, I believe, can lead to arm, wrist, and shoulder issues.

Maybe the player is not hitting the ball as “cleanly” as Federer as indicated by his “sensor” so another change is “needed”, and so on.

Information returned by the “sensor” technology is valuable but it must be associated with the physical stature and skill set of the user. Consultation with a good coach can mitigate some of these issues but we as racquet technicians need to be as informative as we can.

We cannot tolerate any more lost players due to injury!

Make sure your client understands the need to moderate the dependence on the “sensor” feed-back!

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