One of Those Days!

Have you ever had one of those days that things just didn’t work out or feel as good as they should? I suppose we all have but today I went for my 2.3 mile run (slowly) and it felt just terrible! Nothing I was doing felt good! I was off my pace by 15 seconds per mile, my hips hurt, I was not breathing properly, and so on! The reason I mention this is because we all have “off” days and that goes for tennis as well. I have a client in upstate New York that called today saying he was having trouble getting the “best” from his Wilson ProStaff RF97. He just wasn’t connecting, he said. He was having “one of those days”. We all have them so give me a call and we can compare “bad days”. Happily mine are very few and I hope yours are too.

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  1. I have these days everyday

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