Head Graphene XT Instinct MP

Of all the Graphene XT Instinct models this is the hardest one to “categorize”!  They are all really cool looking and one must really look to see which model you are picking up.

If you could not see which one you are picking up it would be very clear that the MP is the
“Player” model of this series.  The give-a-way is the 311 gram (10.97 oz) weight. While the 300 kg/cm2 swing weight is only 5 units more than the “S” version’s 295.

The shaft geometry is different which belies the fact that the stiffness of this racquet is lower than the “S”.  The MP has a standard 16 x 19 string pattern that is very open which should contribute to great spin potential.  This model does not have the ASP feature, but does have elongated grommet holes to allow for more string movement.

I love this racquet!  It looks good and lends itself to customization to take advantage of the “soft” flex.

Head Graphene XT Instinct

Head Graphene XT Instinct



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