Ashaway Dynamite Red Rough Prototype

This string is the first “official” review based on the analysis by Robert Kendrick and it will be rather short because I just delivered the racquet to Robert this morning. I wanted to post some of the initial findings and will add to the post, as information is available.

Ashaway Dynamite Red Rough Prototype is another technical string using PEEK (Zyex™) fibers. There have been previous Dynamites but this one reverses the location of the various components. By reversing the fibers the outer woven layer is now the Zyex™ instead of the previous nylon fiber. This should make this version more durable.

This set measured as a 16L gauge and has a “power potential” of 11.91. This puts the string in the upper ten (10%) of all the strings tested. Power potental is a value calculated from the elongation of a string at a given tension.

The string is strung in a Wilson BLX Six-One 95 18×20 pattern at a reference tension of 48. The RDC string bed stiffness is 58, the FlexFour string bed stiffness is 63.5, and the DT is 36 immediately after stringing.

The first thing we noticed about this string that is “ripping” the cover off the ball! After a few hits you could see the yellow fuzz on the string. Granted, Robert hits the ball really hard but the woven outer jacket is very aggressive. This “grab” also contributed to some string movement.

Robert indicated the string was “easy” on the arm and had more power than expected based on previous dynamite string. Before I left I examined the string and while there was no “fraying” I did see some scuffing off of color.

I will finalize the review when durability and tension loss is available.

Click here for numerical data.

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