Racquet Options

I had a great conversation with a parent wanting to purchase a racquet for a teenager.  Selecting anything for a teenager is always risky but something as expensive as a tennis racquet is nerve racking!

Any parent wants to provide the best tools they can and finding a good tennis racquet can be expensive.  So, my suggestion was to research and review tennis racquets of “last years” models.  These racquets will generally be slightly different cosmetically and may not have the very latest “technology” but if they were good enough to offer last year they should be really OK for this year!

Most brands introduce new models every year and therefore must allow their dealers to sell last years models at really good prices.  When this is the case you can buy a top end racquet at a reasonable price.

I believe it is important to get a really great racquet, that may be last years model, rather than purchase an “entry level” racquet that will probably need to be replaced if the player continues to compete.

Check with your local tennis shop to see if they have good deals on “discontinued” models.

If you have any questions about racquets please give me a call or comment here.

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