Leather…part Deux

This period’s special is a great opportunity to try a new leather grip.  But, you are probably asking, “why do I need to try a leather grip?”

Let me start by uncovering a reason some players do not want a leather grip.  Because, most leather grips have a “brand” logo stamped on them and some players may be sponsored by a different “brand” or you simply don’t want a different brand on your racquet.  This is not unusual!  Also, leather grips can be heavier than synthetic grips and many players simply don’t want to add weight to their racquet.

These leather grips are not “branded”, and, are not as heavy as previous leather grips.  In fact they weigh in at less than 15 grams!


Racquet Quest Leather Grip

Now, why should I try a leather grip?

How about, “feel”, “durability”, “stability” (leather will not compress as quickly as synthetic).  Durability, of all of these, means you will not need to replace the grip as often, and, leather grips can be cleaned.

With hot summer months on the way most players use an “overgrip” which adds a layer of protection to the leather.

If you have ever been interested in “leather” now is a great opportunity to try it!

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