Are You Using a Real Racquet?

I don’t mean real in the “macho” sense but in the “not fake” sense.  Some of you may be using a racquet that I call “bogus” and not even know it…until you need stringing or warranty work!  Remember, “if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true”.

As a racquet brand, or model, becomes more popular you can be assured that “fake” racquets will be coming soon.  We have discussed this before but my friend Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos of Greece recently published an article for a European stringers group and I think we need to re-visit the “fake racquet trap”.

If you purchase a racquet from an online seller, other than trusted sources,  just to save a dollar or two, (or more) you are going to get what you pay for.  Some of these fake racquets look very much like the legitimate racquets but are typically constructed using less than quality components.  Unfortunately you can not see the components of a graphite composite but with my equipment I can confirm immediately if the racquet is real or fake.

Fake racquets simply can not perform like the real ones.  You are buying a racquet based on the performance claims so be sure you get that performance.  To assure the racquet you buy is real you must use a trusted local tennis shop or trusted on-line source.  Do not buy a new racquet via “on-line auctions”.  I do not know a single manufacturer that authorizes sales by “auction site” or otherwise “bidding”processes.

If you have any questions about a racquet you have purchased, or thinking about purchasing, please give me a call.

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