Players, you rule!

One of the toughest challenges as racquet technicians today is getting the player/consumer involved in what we do! As technicians we can communicate via any number of vehicles, the web, blogs, twitter,etc. But what are we doing? Typically we are “preaching to the choir”. Instead we need to be “preaching to the player/consumer”.

You, the player/consumer, are the reason we do what we do and we need you to be involved in what we do. We need you to help us understand your needs and we need you to understand that we are trying to maximize your enjoyment of playing tennis.

I just posted an article about how often to have your racquet strung. It is wonderful that we sit around and tell ourselves all this wonderful stuff, but you the player/consumer must be hearing and participating and learning from our experience. Then you need to spread the word, get involved, and involve others.

I have this web site, I contribute to the GSS Alliance web site, I present at the GSS Alliance Symposium every year, I review and report on strings, racquets, stringing machines, and diagnostic equipment for manufacturers but the single most important element in what I do is you!

Please let me now what I can do to get you involved!

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