How to Demo Racquets

If you are in the “I need a new racquet” mood you will have a number of choices so before you set out to demo new racquets make a few notes:

  1. What do I like about my old racquet?
  2. What do I want my new racquet to do?
  3. How much do I want to spend?
  4. How many new racquets am I going to try?

There will be a great temptation to take several new racquets and start hitting.  I think that is a bad idea.  Take one racquet at a time and concentrate on that racquet.  Of course you may not like it but you are forced to figure out why instead of just putting it back in the bag.

Try to hit with this racquet at least three (3) sessions.  Normally the first time you use it you will be concentrating and will probably hit some pretty good shots.  The next session you will be back to normal (not paying attention) and the racquet may not feel right.  By the time you get to the third session the real characteristics of the racquet will be obvious.  Throw out the worst session, mentally, and decide between the remaining two (2) sessions and compare those sessions with your current racquet.

I would do this with at least three (3) racquets.  When you have narrowed it down to two (2) racquets you may want to ask the dealer to string these racquets with the string and tension you are currently using or would like to use.  This may cost you, of course, but it will eliminate that nagging “but this is not my string” feeling.

In summary you can expect to spend a better part of a month in your search for a new racquet.  If you are used to using a racquet for a year or more this is a worthwhile use of time.  This is going to be a challenge for junior players due to pre-determined “desires” for a particular racquet.  If you follow these steps you will be ahead of the game!

Good Luck!

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