Should Tennis be Quiet?

I have been ruminating about tennis matches I have watched during this years Australian Open and have a question. Should tennis be quiet?

It is seen as boorish for a spectator to make a sound during a match but some players are perfectly happy to put up with screams, grunts, and screeches from their opponent. Why?

Years ago trainers would emphasize the need to exhale at the release point of the action so maybe that is how it got started. Is it still a training technique or just a way to disrupt the focus of an opponent? I personally don’t believe it is malicious. Am I right?

I, for one, don’t like to watch matches with a lot of screaming so I don’t. Am I missing anything? As far as I can see we have a screamer on both sides of the women’s draw. That would be Azerenka v Clijsters and Sharapova v Makarova.

I would watch matches with the screaming players if they will allow the spectators to yell during the point. Fair enough?

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  1. Mike, thanks!

    Brilliant! Turn off the sound! Excellent.

  2. My biggest fear is a final between Sharapova and Azarenka I for one would watch with the sound OFF!

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