Tennis as Therapy…You bet!

I had great response to the previous question of “Tennis as Therapy?” and I have to say after reading some of the e-mails I must agree that tennis can indeed be therapy.  Why?  As one reader reminded me “playing tennis requires some concentration”, and, if you are concentrating on your next shot you are probably not thinking about the jerk that cut you off on the way to the court!

You are not thinking “what should I be doing instead of playing tennis” as the ball is coming toward you, or, are the kids going to eat the proper lunch, as so on.  You are thinking, or better be,  “how am I going to hit this shot?”

We all do it.  We think of all the negative things that can happen but rarely do.   The reality is the ball is coming toward you and you need to do something, now!

So, however you play tennis, concentrate on tennis.

Think of it as “your therapy”.

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