Low to High

Arrived at Saddlebrook Resort yesterday afternoon and it was cold! Actually about 50 but it felt colder. Some time at the Spa followed by a little red wine and cheese warmed things up considerably!

Today I was walking by a court (one of forty) where a lesson was underway. It appeared to be a husband/wife team. The lady was doing well but the male half not so much! The instructor was trying to get the guy to hit high over the net, or actually over the net at any height!

Finally, the magic words…low to high! The instructor demonstrated the motion, low to high, and fed another ball. To the guys credit he did exactly as instructed and the ball cleared the net and fell into the court!

So when you are trying to hit over the net, and/or generate top spin you simply must hit low to high on most ground strokes. The slice, overhead, and serve are the normal exceptions.

Howard Moore is the Director of Tennis and he could probably hook you up with the same instructor!

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