VS Gut in a Demo Racquet? You Bet!

Babolat VS Gut has, for many years, been the premier natural gut for tennis racquets and still retains that position.

Natural gut is expensive and for that reason, many players don’t use it.  Perfectly understandable!

I want everyone to have the chance to hit with this really special string so I have put a set in the Head Graphene XT Speed Limited Edition demo racquet!

Head Speed Ltd Edition w/VS Gut!

Head Speed Ltd Edition w/VS Gut!

Babolat VS Team is the 17 gauge version and is, currently, the thinnest retail gut available.

Babolat VS Team is part of the Babolat Thrermogut collection which incorporates a protective coating/component that offers some moisture rejection.

Natural gut has always suffered from the degradation when exposed to moisture and to some extent that is still the case.

So, if you intend to play in the rain you may want to avoid putting gut in all your racquets…just a couple of them!

I invite you to try this great new Head Speed Limited Edition racquet with VS Team natural gut.  Call the shop to make arrangements to pick up the demo and hang on to it for three (3) days and feel for yourself what a difference gut makes.

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