Head Speed MPA 16×19

This new Head concept which offers a choice of a 16×16 pattern or 16×19 string pattern has made its way back to Racquet Quest so I can install the 16×19 grommet set and string the racquet!

Unless you look very closely you will not notice that the black grommet is any different than previous Speed 16×19 racquets.

The “hitter” feed-back on the 16×16 pattern was positive but I believe the 16×19 will suit more players but lets see what the data says.

Head Speed MPA 16x19

Head Speed MPA 16×19

Head Speed MPA 16x19 Pattern

Head Speed MPA 16×19 Pattern

The data you will see is based on stringing both racquets with the same string at the same tension, same machine and same stringer.

The most obvious difference is the string bed stiffness (SBS) which is 57 for the 16×19 and 52 for the 16×16 pattern.  This is to be expected, of course, however another difference will be the string durability.  The 16×16 will go through strings more quickly than the 16×19 all else being equal.

Take a look at the data here…

Head Speed MPA 16×19

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