Maria Sharapova Racquet

By now everyone knows Maria Sharapova has signed with Head™ after many years as a player of Prince™ racquets. Here is my question to all of you…should Head™ have Maria using a “cosmeticized” racquet that can begin to generate “buzz” as “hers” or should she just play with a “black” racquet?

Using a “cosmeticized” racquet would allow consumers to relate to that “model”. Using a “black” racquet simply does not identify the racquet as “hers”. Of course several iterations of racquets may be required before she finds one that is perfect, but in the meantime, as long as they are looking the same, it doesn’t matter to the consumer. Let’s face it, the consumer is the one that will determine if the signing of Maria was a good business decision.

What do you think Maria’s racquet should look like? What color would you choose? Any other suggestions? Of course I have absolutely no influence with Head™ so your input will be only for fun.

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