First Impression of the Origine Racquet

After I thawed out this morning I had a great, for me, hitting session with Angie at Winter Park Tennis Center using the Origine racquet.

My first impression of the racquet is that it is not as flexible as the RDC flex of 58 would indicate. This racquet has an “effective stiffness” of 28.0 which places it slightly lower than average so I am confounded as to the firm feel of this unit. It was not bad, just different than I had expected.

I felt comfortable with the racquet from the beginning even though the grip size is a little small for me. The swing weight of 309 is a little lower than I normally use but the power of the 27.56 long racquet was certainly adequate. I think this racquet is a “power” type players racquet as opposed to a “finess” style.

The volleys I hit were solid and predictable but not as deep as the recoil weight would suggest. So, this racquet really wants to be swung fast and long.

I am going to increase the weights, overall and swing, and hit again.

Stay tuned!

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