You Are not from Around here Are You?

Even if you are “not from around here” you can still take advantage of professional racquet services including stringing and customization.  You can join the many dedicated tennis players that use our services from anywhere in the world.

For you that are situated in the United States, we have a set shipping fee of $10.00 per racquet.  This gets the racquet right back to your door!

Driving around is no longer necessary to get professional stringing services.  Special shipping services are available if required, of course.

If you have more than one (1) racquet this is the perfect opportunity to have a fresh racquet delivered to your door as the as the other racquet(s) is being sent to and serviced by Racquet Quest, LLC.  A perfect match!

All racquets serviced by Racquet Quest, LLC will be properly packaged to assure safe arrival to you.  Again, special packaging and insurance are available if required.

For more detail please take a look at the “Getting Started” page, and please contact us if you have any questions.

Let us have your thoughts on this!