The Head Sensor (like “self-help​”)

Many of the new Head Touch series racquets accept the Head Sensor.

What makes this device different is that it is not permanent like the Babolat Play Sensor, nor is it attached the rear end of the racquet like the Sony Sensor, creating a small extension, nor is it attached to the string bed.  Nope, the Head Sensor replaces the standard butt cap, and unless you look really closely, you cannot see the charging points, making it nearly invisible to others.  Click Head Sensor to see all of the features of this clever device.

This format makes it less likely to get lost, or having it be a disruption when hitting. The Head Sensor connects to the free app and transmits data to your smartphone, or if the sensor is inserted into your friend’s racquet to their smartphone.

The 3D capability is a fun way to see what your stroke looks like and how efficient the stroke is.

Players that have tested a Head racquet with the sensor active really like the feedback.  Even if you have had less than wonderful experiences with a “sensor” you need to try this setup.  Stop by and pick up the Head Prestige demo and see for yourself.

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